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Leaving Mozilla
2014-02-03 00:00:00 -0800

My first day at Mozilla was August 16th 2010, my last will be February 14th 2014.

My first day as a Mozillian was either in November 2004, or it might have been around January 2008. I will not have a last day as a Mozillian.

Mozilla provided an environment where for 3.5 years, my work was fully aligned with my passions: I had the freedom to openly create and collaborate. I've built and contributed to many open source libraries, tools, and experiments, was given space to explore the idea of applications made of the web, experiment with web application runtimes, and to build a safe, easy, and privacy-preserving identity system.

More important than the projects that I've worked on, however, are the people that I've had the opportunity to work with. Every work referenced above was a collaboration. From the moment I walked into Mozilla Labs in 2010, I was completely overwhelmed. Never before in my career had I worked with so many people who were simultaneously frighteningly competent, yet carried a deep sense of purpose, and had a commitment to values I share. Before I walked in, I would not have believed such a place existed.

More recently, the Identity team at Mozilla, is simply a group of super humans. Consistently, these individuals have incredible talent paired with a huge heart - traits which have earned the support of a generous and passionate community. This is a team that Ben Adida and I created, and I leave humbled by my role in the creation of the team, and honored I was given the opportunity and trust to lead it.

This group of people will probably grow and change over time, and I believe will continue to have a massive impact at Mozilla: starting with the re-vamping of Firefox Sync today, and tomorrow enabling many more exciting features that will breath new life into the Firefox family of products.

Why Go? Why Now? What's next?

Why? The simple answer is, I'm personally ready for a new challenge. Mozilla has spoiled me over the last 3.5 years in a playground of awesome humans and hard problems, and this has resulted in technical and personal growth. But finally, impossibly, I've grown too comfortable. In the words of Vladimir from Waiting For Godot, "habit is a great deadener."

So I decided to set off in search of a new mountain to climb, to make myself uncomfortable again, and to learn some new tricks. I don't know yet what form this mountain will take, and I don't have concrete plans for what's next professionally.

I do know that I will not be able to help but seek the same level of competence, and the sense of purpose that I've been surrounded with during my tenure at Mozilla.

So goodbye...

Goodbye for now Mozilla. Keep putting purpose over profit. Keep striving to correct markets that aren't doing right by people. And keep inspiring folks like me. A Mozilla employee I am not, a Mozillian I remain.

Onward with <3, lloyd.