lloyd.io is the personal website of Lloyd Hilaiel, a software engineer who works for Team Ozlo and lives in Denver.

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Finally, Atul, Pascal, and Stephen inspired the site's design. And in case you're interested, this site's code is available on github.

Redcloth/Textile to PDF conversion
2009-09-09 00:00:00 -0700

A little make magic (leveraging redcloth and htmldoc) seems to have done the trick. Now high quality print output it ain't, but a good start!

bridges.pdf: bridges.html
    htmldoc -t pdf14 --webpage bridges.html > bridges.pdf

bridges.html: bridges.textile redcloth < bridges.textile > bridges.html

.PHONY: view view: bridges.pdf xpdf bridges.pdf

.PHONY: clean clean: @rm -f bridges.html bridges.pdf *~