lloyd hilaiel

my work.
Here you will find some of the more interesting open source projects I've worked on. Most of the time I've collaborated with others, because it's more fun that way.

ass: Awesome Code Coverage

Jan, 2014

Code coverage for your node.js project in minutes. Supports coverage aggregation over multiple processes, requires no support from your testing framework, and dynamically instruments code without a messy build system.

awsbox: A DiY PaaS

March, 2012

A hacker friendly PaaS for rapid deployment of early stage node.js services on Amazon Web Services.

Persona: Better Web Authentication

July, 2011

Mozilla Persona is an attempt to rethink how we implement online authentication. The project proves authentication can simultaneously be more secure, privacy preserving, and more usable. I started the project with Mike Hansen and Ben Adida in april of 2011, and we is usage has grown to thousands of sites, with millions of users total. And Persona lives on today...

docstract: Code comments to JSON

Feb, 2011

Docstract is a library and command line utility written in python to extract inline documentation from javascript and generate well structured json. The claim of this project is that the breaking apart of comment extraction and rendering leads to a much more robust toolchain for fantastic API docs.

yajl: Fast streaming JSON parsing

July, 2007

In 2007 there were no good native JSON parsers. So I wrote YAJL, a highly optimized streaming JSON parser in ANSI C. YAJL was the expat of JSON, and I've been contacted by hundreds of people over the years. Made infamous during the Twitpocalypse.


toobusy: Servers That Don't Melt

November, 2012

A node.js library which uses event-loop latency to determine when requests should be blocked - making it easy to develop graceful failure modes.

memwatch: Kill Leaks in node.js

Feb, 2012

A node.js library that integrates directly with V8 to make discovery and monitoring of memory leaks easier. Advanced HeapDiff fearture simplifies leak isolation.

JSONSelect: CSS Selectors for JSON

May, 2011

Slice through complex JSON structures with the tool that you already know: CSS selectors. I wrote a spec, a reference implementation, and a cool interactive demo. People got excited and ported it everywhere.

Chromeless: Desktop Apps with Web Tech

October, 2010

Chromeless was an experiment in building a HTML5 runtime for desktop apps. Working with Marcio Galli and the community, we built a functional SDK for packaging web content into standalone desktop apps on three platforms. The documentation was sweet, too.

BrowserPlus: Evolving Web Plugins

July, 2008

Yahoo! BrowserPlus made it easy to distribute, version, and develop scriptable cross-platform web plugins. With a team of four we designed and built the platform, and tens of services which ultimately was used by hundreds of millions of folks on Yahoo! mail, and other sites around the web.